What political, social, or moral issue do you feel strongly about? Perhaps even the most indifferent of people, have something that they will always feel strongly about. It’s something that’s ingrained in every single person. May it be issues on abortion, of domestic violence, maybe of human rights, women empowerment, or maybe about animal justice, person will have something he or she would be fighting for. Maybe it’s because each of them went through something at a point in their lives that they were violated, or they were abused, or they witnessed something violent that forced them to change their outlook on things. This is the foundation of conviction.

This conviction becomes the backbone of every person’s morals and opinions. This influences how he looks at issues and where he stands in them. Some people even go as far as voicing them out in public. This is the reason behind advocacies, rights groups and non-government organizations that seek funding and support for their causes. You? What do you fight for? And how do you show them? Have you asked yourself, if once in your life, you’ve ever taken a stand for something in life? How would you show your support? Well, it does not take having to take up arms, march on the streets and lobby in congress to show your support. And now you ask, what can you do to show your support? And what should you do?

You can show your political or social stands through pins, shirts and paraphernalia. People usually have custom pins made for an organization they want. They tend to have custom pins made to order, with the logo of their organizations, and pin them to their clothes, bags and even pants for everyone to see. It does not take having to lobby on the streets; one can just show support by wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Custom pins and awareness ribbons are usually color-coded to distinguish one issue from another.

Custom pins

Red, has always been a color everywhere in support of HIV. The color represents blood, and how the virus spreads through blood and how we should be aware how it is to be more safe and guarded.

Purple call for Women’s Rights and Domestic Violence. In a world where a lot of women suffer every day in their relationships. Where they were never given a voice to speak their thoughts and show their hearts, women everywhere call for a chance to be heard, a hope to be seen, and a longing to be understood.

Blue calls for the end of child abuse - a situation that grips almost every single country in the world. Where an innocent life is corrupted by an angry soul, whose dreams are shattered by violence and war, and whose voices are muffled by the claw-like arms of poverty and malnutrition.

Turquoise represents the longing for Native American Reparations - the call to return the land to the natives that once lived in this country. To give back what was once taken forcefully. To acknowledge that the modern Americans had done them wrong, and though they can never bring everything back to what it once was, that they are hoping to rebuild the ties of friendship severed by greed and want.

And finally, magenta represents the love for life - a blessing given to every human in the world. It gives the idea that anyone has a chance to smile, and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer - the chance to live, laugh and love.

Wearing custom pins may be something small, but it’s a start. For those who are still shy on speaking out for what they believe in, this is a start - to raise awareness and to make the truth known.


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If you are exploring several security options for your business establishment, then depository safes deserves your attention. The reason why you need a safe is quite obvious. Most small scale establishments involve handling cash in their day to day operations; it’s the lifeblood of a business.

Cash from your customers’ hands pass through your employees routinely every day that you are open for business. It’s just fitting to take extra precautions to safeguard your income without the added mental burden of having to check your cashier all the time.

Depository safes are a special kind of safe that lets people put money into it, but whatever is dropped into the safe cannot be taken out easily. It stays in the security chamber inside the safe and can only be taken out by unlocking it.

Depository safes are made with drop slots that have anti-fishing characteristics. This is perfect if you want to give particular staff members the authority to deposit cash in the safe that only you can gain access to at a later time. Actually, they are now commonplace in retail outlets, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, and other enterprises with high cash traffic.

Now that you know how depository safes can help in protecting your business, you might be thinking of buying them. It can be complicated to decide which type is right for you because they are available in different sizes, configurations, and have several lock options.

Different configurations include having the slot in front, at the back, or on top of the safe. Front loading slots are the most common. Different slot designs serve distinct purposes. For instance, when placed in a wall, drop slots in the back can make depositors drop in money on one side while the safe’s locking mechanism and door are accessed through the other side.

The weakest configuration is the rotary top. The drop slot is on top of the safe. It has a rotating drum to release cash down the security chamber. Thieves can easily break this by applying downward force on the drum. This exposes the contents. Still, rotary top safes are used for larger parcels or envelopes, but extra security is needed.

With all these in mind, it is also necessary to remember that this type of safe is meant for short term storage only until a bank deposit can be made. They are not intended to be used for unguarded overnight safekeeping of money because they provide limited theft resistance.

Most are not fire resistant and are lighter than regular safes, that’s why they come with pre-fabricated holes at the bottom. The holes are for bolting the safe to the ground.

Safes are only secure if thieves can’t bring them off the premises. Keeping money in unbolted safes is like stocking it in a shoe box because they can be carried out of the premises and eventually be opened once the burglars are in a place where they cannot be disturbed.

When it comes to the aspect of drop safes being an investment, it is worth every penny. While security safes can be expensive, they will save you money in the long run. There more than just money that you can lose in a robbery.

It also saves you on bank deposit charges, as it limits deposits to once or twice daily, or up until money in the safe reaches a certain amount. Some insurance companies even give discounts if you use a drop safe in your establishment.

Businesses, especially those that have high cash traffic, can greatly benefit from depository safes. They are not as secure as the average theft resistant safe because of the slots or holes, but their functionality greatly makes up for it. This is an equipment that shouldn’t be missing in a smoothly operated, cash intensive enterprise.


So you want to learn how to play golf?Taylormade golf Many people say that golf is a rich man’s sport. That is quite true in some aspects. A golf newbie player should be prepared to spend a little for the initial training.  Golf enthusiasts practice almost every day. They rent courses to play in different kinds of terrains. They need to buy the right tools to be the best in the sport.

There are different types of golf equipment available in the market. There are cheap ones which do not even last a month. When investing in sports, it is better to get equipment from the most reliable golf brand. Get the best quality from Taylormade golf equipment.

The most important equipment in playing golf is the club. This is used to hit the ball and let it fly away. There are different types of clubs and choosing one would depend on the height and built of the golfer and also the terrain. Most golfers bring around 14 different kinds of clubs each time they go to the course to practice. As a beginner, it is not necessary to bring all 14 different kinds.

Newbie golfers can choose from wood, iron, wedge, driver and putter. Each club has its own advantages. Taylormade golf clubs offer all kinds of equipment. It would be better to ask for advice from experts before buying whatever clubs are available.

Woods are used for long shots. Initially, golfers used this at the start of the game or as a second shot. It is important to note that there are different numbers assigned to these clubs. What are the numbers for? The numbers would depend on the angles that the golf ball will fly. A lower number would mean a lower angle.1 wood is the longest and would require more experience to use it effectively. This is hard for beginners and it would be better to look for 3 wood or 5 wood.

RocketBallz Fairway Woods made by Taylormade golf is highly recommended for beginners. Through the use of speed pocket technology, the speed of the swing will be increased dramatically. They have used flexible polymer to increase the chances of hitting the right spot on the club.

Irons are used when the golfer is around 250 yards away from the hole. It is also important to include this in the beginner’s golf set because it is used more often than the other clubs. The numbering on irons is the same with woods. 3 iron is the longest in length and also produces the lowest angle. Most beginners and even some professionals use 7 and 9 irons. They are the most “forgiving” from all of the irons. Taylormade golf Burner 2.0 Iron is recommended for those who are just starting out. The club boasts of CG maintenance all throughout the swing. Its lightweight is also perfect for every kind of golfer. Since it is made of graphite, no matter where the ball is struck, it would fly to a straight angle with minimal spinning. This is perfect for all beginners looking for a high quality iron they can use for a long time.

The most important club is the putter. They are also known as the “finisher”. Putters are used if the ball is very near the hole. There are many putters to choose from and there is only very little difference between each one. The only thing to remember when choosing a putter is that it should be the most comfortable club to be used. This would depend on the length and weight of the club. To find the best putter, it is important to try and test out different kinds before buying the right one.

Choosing the right clubs is very important. Always check the quality and comfort of each one. Disregard the prices because they would not even matter if they won’t be used for a long time. Choose from the best equipment from Taylormade golf.


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There are a lot of things people can do just outside their homes. They can play, have fun, and even relax. Yet, there are instances when the hot temperature just rose too high that it becomes undesirable. The good news is that right now, people can already find an outdoor fan mister in the market that may help them have controlled air while they are relaxing or doing activities.

This fan mister was first known to be used as venue equipment, particularly when it is frequently used for significant functions. Venues such as outdoor gardens and churches could possibly have this machine as it can help to make the visitors feel comfortable throughout the event even when it is summer. However, these outdoor fans are already available for household use by now

These days, there are lots of companies that manufacture these fans and offer them as inexpensive as possible for their regular customers. For those who plan on acquiring one of these, they need to be aware of these factors below to find the most effective outdoor misting system the best matches the needs.

1. Cooling Capacity

One of the factors to consider when choosing an outdoor fan mister is its capacity to cool a specific space. To give an example, there is a type of outdoor mist system that is able to reach a 1000 square foot area. Always inquire about the details in order to acquire the best fan that can adequately cool the intended area.

2. Height or Size

Which is more preferred for the household? Is it the tall fan or the short one? This can only be answered by the ones who are going to use it. Basically, it is like selecting between a stand fan and a desk fan, only it is a misting system. The ones that are smaller in size are ideal for those who live in houses with limited space.

3. Singular or Dual

When buying a misting fan, the users can choose between a singular and a dual fan. Generally, these misting fans may have only a single fan. However, there are now some models that feature two. This will greatly help in making the area feel more comfortable.

4. Portability

A portable fan does not necessarily imply getting small sized equipment for the house. There are also portable fans that are huge in size. How can they be portable despite their size? They have wheels.

5. Tanks

There are a couple of outdoor fan systems that include prominent tanks or coolers. The users can select whether they want to have the ones with huge tanks or the ones that they could simply link to the water system. This can help prevent crowding the area.

Selecting a fan mister is not hard as long as the buyers are aware of the choices. This should help them get the fan that is ideal for their preferences and needs. This will also help them keep away from shelling out too much money on these systems particularly when they are on a tight budget.


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Did you know that there are some live chat software programs which offer hidden additions? Yes, there are some hidden additions in some live chat programs and by utilizing them; you will surely get more from your app. Such additions are often based on registry and plug-ins. This means that you need to download the right types of plug-ins and then modify your registry in order to use the additions. You can also use your keyboard in order to use them. Remember though, if you will be using registry modifications, you need to be careful since adding the wrong entry can cause crashing.

Dual usage

One of the hidden additions in some live chat software programs is dual usage. Dual usage means that you can use the same program twice. You can login two or more accounts in the live chat program and you do not need to switch devices. In order to use dual usage, you need to have two accounts in a live chat community. Once you have two accounts, you can either install the dual usage software provided in most chat programs or manually change the registry of the program. This can be done in Yahoo messenger and in Skype. You can also run a web based version of the software so that you can login two accounts at the same time.
Hidden Buttons

For Skype and Yahoo messenger, there are hidden icons and symbols that you can use. Some of the symbols can be seen through pressing ALT and then pressing a couple of numbers. Once you release the ALT button you will notice that there will be several symbols in your live chat software window. Along with the hidden symbols, there are also some icons found in some live chat programs. The hidden symbols can be seen through typing the right buttons or the right key combinations.

Additional games and plugins

Most live chat software programs offered today also have additional plugins. The plugins can be downloaded directly from your live chat website. Examples of live chat games that you can play with other members are chess games or puzzle games. Check the plugin icon found in your live chat program in order to see if there are plugin additions for your program.

Spell Checker software

If you are tired of checking your spelling, you can use grammar checker software. A grammar checker is a program which checks your spelling and sentence structure. Most grammar checkers can be integrated with your live chat software and they will run once you start typing. Check if your live chat program is compatible with the grammar checkers so that you can use it anytime. If it is not, then you can just copy paste your text and then check the grammar through putting your sentences directly to the checker program.

Apex Chat is a Live Chat company that provides live chat software and service.


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It does not matter how large or small your commercial kitchen is, there is a commercial refrigerator that will work for you.  Every kitchen used for commercial purposes will usually have the need to store perishable foods.  This is especially important when you consider the fact that the hot commercial kitchens can cause food left out to go bad real quick. It is therefore imperative that anyone wanting to set up a commercial kitchen ensure that they get the right fridge for their kitchen.

Before you go out and find a commercial refrigerator you will need to make sure that you measure the dimension of your kitchen. Make sure that you measure the width, depth and height so that you can purchase the right one.  It is also important that when you are looking at the available refrigerators you look at how much space is in the fridge.  If your operation is small, you will not need to buy a refrigerator that is very big.  Start small and as the business expands you can go ahead and purchase a bigger one.  Unless of course you are looking to expand your business really fast.  

If your kitchen is small and you need to save space then one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a commercial refrigerator than stands upright.  That way, you will save floor space as the fridge will use space upwards.  These refrigerators will usually have shelves in them that you can adjust so that you can have more space as needed.  They also come in double door and single door designs, with the former generally having more storage space.  It is also in your best interest to buy a refrigerator that is easy to clean.

Because yours is a commercial operation you want to look for a commercial refrigerator that is reliable, heavy duty and top quality.  You will also want to make sure that the refrigerator can work well even in very hot environments.  Commercial kitchens are usually quite hot.  If it has such features as automatic defrost, adjustable shelving and even a reversible door, you may find those handy too.  The refrigerator also needs to be spacious enough to hold a good amount of perishable goods.  You may also opt for the kind of fridge that has doors on both sides especially if your kitchen is very busy.  That way, you can put the fridge in the centre and people can open either side to get what they need.


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Meetings are important in every business in order to clear up certain issues and discuss strategies. Every company needs to have a group meeting on a regular basis in order to keep track of the progress of the employees as well as improve the condition of the business. Today, technological innovations have made it possible to conduct meetings in more high-tech ways. Thanks to modern technology, a group meeting online can be held.

With a group meeting online, companies will be able to hire the best talent regardless of the location. In the past, companies are not able to hire the best people because some of them are not willing to relocate; but with the Internet, anyone from all over the world can work without having to leave their home. Web conferencing is ideal because it eliminates geographical barriers. Companies can even hire people from different parts of the world.

A group meeting online also helps improve relationships with clients. Companies are able to keep in touch with their clients more frequently; hence, they are able to monitor projects better. An online meeting is also more interesting and interactive than phone calls since it allows for video, file, and even screen sharing. Because of this, employees are able to discuss the progress of projects better as well as improve their relationship with the clients.

In addition, a group meeting online saves time and money. Since there is no more need to travel, transportation costs can be eliminated. There is also no need to wait for cabs, get stuck in traffic, or endure a delayed flight; thus, leaving no excuse for employees to be late. As you know, time is very important; and with Web conferencing, everyone can participate in the meeting no matter where they are. You can actually get involved while still in your bed at home.

With a group meeting online, everyone can make the most of their available time. Instead of waiting around for other employees to arrive, they can focus on projects and business strategies. Efficiency is maximized with this kind of meeting; and aside from the costs of transportation, the costs of accommodation and meals are also eliminated. Communicating via the Internet is really productive, time-efficient, and cost-efficient.

Then again, a group meeting online is not perfect. Technical issues, for instance, can be a problem. In order for everyone to be able to participate in the meeting, they have to have the same kind of software program. So if one does not have the software, he will not be able to take part in the meeting. Likewise, Internet connection can be an issue. If one has a slow or no internet connection, he will not be able to take part in an online meeting as well.


Facility maintenance services are companies employed by other businesses to facilitate the maintenance, repair, and related needs of the business. They provide a number of services, which will be discussed in detail as the article goes on, that aim to address the said needs and concerns of businesses and establishments such as high-tech facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, business facilities and also campuses, retail services plus centers, monetary and banking organizations, medical offices, county and city municipal properties, public parkways and grounds, airpark facilities, federal and state facilities, restaurants, and other users.

Different facility maintenance services provide a diverse choice of services that they render to their employer, however, most services focus on three main categories of services: staffing, maintenance and repairs, and miscellaneous services.

For staffing, service providers usually have a roster of highly qualified personnel that handle the maintenance and optimization of the facilities of the employed company. Not only do they offer janitorial services, which aim to provide a conducive, clean, and aesthetically pleasing working environment for all concerned; several facility maintenance services also offer doorman/concierge/security personnel in case companies are also in need of personnel for said job position.

Also, there are service companies that render full-time or temporary staffing to its employers. These personnel are trained at accomplishing a wide variety of tasks assigned to them. Nursing, hospitality, and maid services are also included in some facility maintenance services’ list of services provided.

As for maintenance and repairs, services provide a wide range of services that truly handle all aspects of the business or establishment that is in need of maintenance or repair. Some of the common services provided include roofing repairs, painting needs, electrical maintenance and repairs, plumbing services, flooring, snow removal, landscaping, parking lot management, locks and other security needs, capital improvements, and preventive maintenance.

Some even go to the extent of providing pest control, fire extinguisher maintenance, and offering 24/7 emergency repairs and assistance. An addition to this long list of services provided by facility maintenance services, most usually assure high-quality performance rendered by trained personnel, with materials that are durable and optimized according to the company’s budget.

Lastly, for miscellaneous services, some services extend beyond providing staffing and maintenance needs. There are those that present their organizational proceeding for each operation to ensure transparency and efficiency between the two parties concerned. Some provide quality control measures such as warranty programs in case of faulty repairs and substandard services, on-site monitoring and follow-ups, identification cards of personnel, and clear communication channels between the service and the employer.

These are the basic services provided by most facility maintenance services. In choosing the best one for your company, take into consideration the company’s budget, the expectations that need to be met, and the performance record of your service provider of choice.


Including food that has a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids is important for a healthy lifestyle. For most people it is not possible for them to get enough nutrients from the food they eat because they do not consume enough on a regular basis. This is why it becomes necessary to invest in one?s health by buying the best omega 3 supplement brand. There are a number of considerations that need to be made when trying to find the best omega 3 supplement brand for a person?s nutritional needs. One of the factors to consider is the source of the supplement. This refers to the type of fish from which the supplement is made.

There are different types of fish and the best supplements are made from oily fish that contains a high level of essential fatty acids and healthy fats. Using the right supplement ensures that one is able to get all the benefits of the product. An omega 3 supplement reduces the risks that are associated with heart disease. It prevents life threatening heart attacks and improves brain functions.

The essential fatty acids contribute to good health by helping to balance a person?s cholesterol. The joints also benefit from the nutritional input of omega 3 reduces chronic pain and inflammation. It keeps the skin supple, preserves the strength of the nails and promotes the growth of good hair.

Fish oil strengthens immunity and helps people who have various digestive ailments. When deciding on what the best omega 3 supplement brand it is important to consider how effective it is for fighting inflammation. This important anti inflammatory property promotes good health especially for essential organs such as the heart and the brain.

The supplement should have a sufficient amount of the recommended omega 3 fatty acids. It is also advisable to choose a supplement brand that is well known for being pure. This refers to supplements that contain fish oil that is not contaminated in any way or form. It should also be fresh and not tampered with so that people are able to enjoy the health benefits of the supplement.

Different doses of the product may be recommended in accordance with various health conditions and nutritional needs. The best omega 3 supplement brand can be used to effectively deal with various health concerns that range from high blood pressure to asthma. Omega 3 supplements enable people to obtain fish oil in their diet.


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Getting a SAP upgrade is the best way to ensure that you fully harness the advantages that come with using SAP to manage your business. This will bring positive tidings that come with the impact of investing in technology. You will not worry too much about the cost of acquiring and maintaining the technology as the returns will be greater than the initial investment. With an upgrade, you can earn efficiency in your business operations while cutting down on the entire cost of ownership. If you manage to do that for your business, you will soon start to realize greater profits than before.

An upgrade means that you will cease to do things in the same manner that failed to yield the expected results. By doing things differently, you will manage to focus on overcoming the challenges facing your business and finding more effective strategies. A SAP upgrade will ensure that you get premium services from the service provider.

You will receive higher quality services as a SAP Gold Partner or an Oracle Platinum Partner than as an ordinary client. Consequently, you will be able to get greater process advisory services, functional and technical consulting and support services, DBA services, and infrastructure.

A SAP upgrade will ensure that you receive superior innovative solutions that will transform how you conduct your business and prosper even more. Sound planning is at the core of having a successful business. By having an upgrade, you will be able to coordinate more with your clients by having information systems that are more sophisticated.

You will use technology to build and implement your business strategy and in the process reduce risks and costs while maintaining high standards of service. Without this upgrade, you will find it difficult to come up with properly customized solutions for problems that are unique to your business.

The new features found in a SAP upgrade will enhance your business performance as well as reduce the ownership cost and increase your productivity. An upgrade is your best bet for receiving superior financial consolidations, managed services, reporting or budgeting, solutions that are the most suitable for your business.

When you begin experiencing the impact of the SAP upgrade, you will wonder why you did not know about it sooner. The best thing is that the effects will come quickly enough that you will not be left ruing the missed opportunities for too long.

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